• Thanks for adding information on the wiki, it's helped out the wiki a lot. I created the Administrator page today, it's not that detailed, and i still might edit the page more. Feel free to edit that page, it's a little plain right now. I also added the CatNavi to every cat page, you might've already seen it though, Wikia Activity feed makes only 15 edits fill up half the page. (⊙︿⊙✿)

    Anyway, do you think we should make a Navi for the items? Even though we don't have all the pictures for the items, we can make one using the ones we do have, and add new photos later. Speaking of items, should we make pages for the items? I can make an item infobox tomorrow if i have the time.

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    • Awesome! I made a custom cat for myself to put up for myself on my the Administrators page, if you wanna I can make one for you too? And added favorite cats, that seemed like relevant information, haha. Using one of the existing cats up to Maddy as a base (as much as I wanted to use Maple, I don't have a high-res picture for Pie-Maple ┰ω┰‵ soon my darlings). I started (slowly) on the items, made the Cap page a while back, gonna add the rest, so if you wanna change something, there's already an infobox for items, Template:Items I just added effect to it, had forgotten that.

      And yeah, an item navi be great! It's kinda exciting, I don't even know what the items beyond the satellite are... But there's some more I could upload now. Do you know how to delete photos from this wiki? I feel like I'm crowding it by uploading more and more photos of cats in higher res than last time, the old ones could get deleted.

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    • Thanks for the offer, but I'm good for now, i wouldn't want you to go though all the trouble.

      (●´ω`●) I can help with the item pages, and i can start the Navi as soon as possible, but i wouldn't mind if you started it.

      Find the picture you would like to delete, and click the orange arrow button (It's next to the "Edit" button). Im really bad at explaining things, so here's a picture. \(¯ ▽ ¯)/ lol. 
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    • The Item infobox looks really good, I just didn't see it before, I wish Templates appeared in Wiki-Activity, Wikia should definitely change that. 

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    • Sorry if you're getting this twice, I just posted it and it isn't showing up for me...

      Home again! Aw, look at that blue cat... And thanks, I'll get to sorting soon! Gonna update with my new stuff first. It's going so slow nowadays, I never get the "tap for furballs" anymore... Saw someone on Twitter that had cleared the game in 30 days. I'm 20 days in, and have five cats left... Not happening... ლ(́≧Д≦‵ლ)

      Also, @ the item prices, well, for the cap minimum and maximum would be the same, but the prices you'll have will be the maximum, since there's no other items? I think we should just skip it altogether, I mean, there will be four prices to keep track of otherwise;

      Lowest possible for the 1st (all item-regulating items maxed)

      Highest possible for the 1st (no item-regulating items)

      Lowest possible for the 100th

      Highest possible for the 100th

      I feel like most people will just be somewhere in the middle anyway, and thus not have much use for it, does that make sense? It's a lot of effort for what might not be overly useful. Would you be okay with leaving it out?

      The cat's fur should be divided into MINIMUM (all items), MAXIMUM (all items), MINIMUM (without items), MAXIMUM (without items) though... Or just MAXIMUM (all items) and MAXIMUM (without items)? Right now I just kinda put it as whatever number I happened to have. I can change that tomorrow and then fill in the MAXIMUM (with items) when I have completeted the game, and you'll do the same with MAXIMUM (no items)? Am I making sense? (ↂ﹏ↂ")

      Anyway, two new diary pages and a new pic of Maddy soon! Then I'll start with the items. (*ΦωΦ*)/

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    • I'm fine with leaving that out. It would take a lot of time and work, and people might not find it useful.

      We could do minimum and maximum without items, but it would be easier to do "Maximum and Minimun, with items" (Since your far in the game). You can do what you prefer though, I've been busy lately, and i might have to take a break from the wiki for a few days. Anyway, i edited the size a little for Spud's picture so his tail is visible, but when i was typing the summary, my computer was freezing, and made me type "Changed Spud" or something like that, lol. XD

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    • Ah, and don't worry, the message didn't send twice. (●´ω`●)

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    • I swear to god I typed a reply, and now I have to re-type it... Wikia really keeps eating my posts.

      And awesome! I'll leave it out then, and will fix the cat's infobox. Really need to make a navigation for the items too... All in time, I guess. Thanks for fixing Spud!

      I also emailed the company that made Neko no ke to ask about the difference between regular furballs, auto furballs and bonus furballs (furballs+). I hope they reply, but phew! Is that nerve-wracking. Thinking of showing them the wikia when it's done too, but dunno if they'd like it; I don't know what the relation to sharing game guides is in Japan, it's so frequent in the west.

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    • I tried to post this trice now why do you hate me wikia ლ(́・∀・‵ლ)


      お問い合わせ、ありがとうございます。私はPicola inc.のMiuraです。日本語、とてもお上手だと思います! ご質問についてですが、自動で出る毛玉は、画面の外からコロコロ転がってくる毛玉です。また、ゲームを遊んでいない時に溜まる毛玉も、自動で出る毛玉となります。他のねこ達が遊びまわって出しています、たまにお部屋を掃除してあげてください。 ねこの毛玉は、ねこを触った時に出てくる毛玉です。触っているときれいになって出なくなりますが、時間を置くとまた出てくるようになります。 毛玉ボーナスはマダイをタップした時など、ねこから星が出ている状態です。ボーナス中は、ねこを触れば触るほど毛玉が出てきます。いっぱい触ってあげてください。 この3つの毛玉は、掃除した時にバスケットに入る量が違います。また、ぐっずを増やすことで、それぞれが多くなっていきます。 もし、難しい所や分かりにくい所があれば、お気軽にご返事ください。 応援ありがとうございます!これからも「ねこのけ」とPicola inc.をよろしくお願いします! And here's a quick translation Elin-sama Thank you for your inquiry! I'm Miura from Picola inc.I think your Japanese is very good! (I'd written something like "sorry for my Japanese") About your question, automatic furballs are the ones that roll in from outside the screen.It's also the fur that gathers when you're not playing the game. The other cats are fooling around, so please clean up from time to time. Furballs are the ones that come out when you pet the cats.Sometimes when you pet them nothing happens, but if you wait a bit they'll start coming off again. Bonus furballs are when you click an ad, and stars come from the cat.You get lots of furballs during the bonus times, so please pet them a lot. These three are different when you're sweeping fur into the basket.If you buy more items, you can get more. If there's anything else that's difficult or hard to understand, please don't hestitate to ask. Thank you for your question!Please continue to support Nekonoke and Picola inc.!

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    • Jesus what happened with the formatting

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    • A FANDOM user
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