Spud (ぽてと, Poteto, lit. Potato) is an orange tabby cat in Nekonoke. Spud is the second cat you can unlock in the game, the first being Cake and the third being Pudge. Spud is also the picture for the game's icon. The picture shows Spud smiling and looking up at Pudge, who is sitting on on Spud's head. 


Spud is a large, chubby, peach-colored tabby cat with red stripes on their forehead, tail, and arms. Spud's feet are a light, white, color similar to Pudge. Spud has a large potato-shaped head and a large chin. The bottom-half of Spud's face is white, the same color as their feet.


Spud gets angry easier than any other cat. If you forget to clean up his fur or ignore him for a long time, the next time you try to pet him his head with start pulsing because of his anger.

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