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Nekonoke is a Japanese "Cat Collector" game available on mobile devices. In this game, you take care of cats, pet them, and create the perfect house for them to live in. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

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Featured Cat

This month's featured cat is Spud. A chubby tabby cat who gets aggressive when you don't clean their fur. Spud is the second cat you can unlock in the game, the first being Cake and the third being Pudge. Spud is also the picture for the game's icon. Read more...
Cat spud

Featured Item

This month's featured item is the Car. The car is made of furballs you collect from your cats, you need 5,620,983 furballs to create this item. The in-game description says the car is made from "Fur-Paper." It is the fifth item you can make in the game, the fourth being a Frame and the sixth being a Kennel. Read more...
Item car


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